TV in the Bedroom?

Planning our future, my boyfriend and I have this debate on a regular basis – Do we have a TV in the bedroom? He is all for a TV in the bedroom…I am not! I think they are ugly, unfortunately eye catching and constantly growing in size. Television seems to be taking over our lives, more and more families gather around the black box and watch hours of mindless drivel. There are hundreds of channels and most of the time, nothing is on! So why do homes now have televisions in every room? Some people even have TV screens in their cars…I feel this obsession with the TV has gone too far! Don’t get me wrong, I do love a good series (or sometimes a bad one) but I only want one TV in my house and that’s in the living room.

In the mean time, for all of you TV lovers out there, here are some great ways to conceal your TV so you can put it in which ever room you wish.

Frame It

This, although it’s a sweet idea, still doesn’t do it for me! Adding a frame around your TV makes it more of a focal point, but adding a dainty frame gives it more of a feminine touch. 

Image Source the inspired room 

Image Source the inspired room 


By attaching these mirrored doors, you create a functional focal point for your TV. This would look great in any room and you can even replace the mirrors with art work to add a personal touch. 

Image Source Laurel & Wolf 


This my favourite of these ideas! Floor to ceiling screens on runner is a fab idea to conceal your TV and add symmetry to your space. This wood effect is great too and the thin panels helps to add texture. 

Image Source Apartment Therapy

I would love to know your opinions on the placement of your TV. Would you have a TV in your bedroom? What have you done with your TV? Please feel free to comment below, like and share this post. You can find my portfolio at and you can follow me on twitter @SHowardsMusings

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