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Most recently the topic of conversation in my household has been tiles. Granted tiles are not always the most exciting topic of conversation. However, you can do so many fantastic things with your space when you have the correct tiles. They are practical, durable and can make a statement. We are currently in the midst of converting our downstairs bathroom into a utility room/somewhere to wash the dogs! So tiles are top of the list at present, unfortunately my Dad is going to win the tile war due to budget and the fact that he's an engineer, so not much creativity or vision on his part. However I thought I would share with you some of my options, hopefully to give you some inspiriation and more confidence to do, not like my dad, and do something fabulous with your tiles. 


 Bold & Beautiful 

Adding colour to your tiles is a great way to brighten up a space and add character. This teal gives a modern edge to what looks like a pretty traditional kitchen - great for a little update! 


Image Source Casual Poet

Reclaimed & Recycled  

I love using pieces that had a life before I got hold of them. They tell a story and I believe the wear and tare adds value. These tiles are a perfect example of this! If only these tiles could talk. 


Image Source Louise Inman 

Touch & Feel

Texture is not only for fabrics and furnishings, it's for walls and flooring too. Adding texture adds warmth and depth to any space as can be seen from the image below. The textured tiles on the wall create an eye catching focal point. 

Image Source WnetrzariumΒ 

Image Source Wnetrzarium 

Pick & Mix  

Add some personality to your tiles by mixing colour, style, size, pattern and shape to create something bespoke and beautiful.  


Image Source Lush Home

Half & Half  

If you've got a small area to fill or you want to define spaces of use via the flooring, this is a great way to do it. Try laying a completely different style of flooring next to each other to create this half & half effect! Brilliantly contemporary. 


Image Source Icono Square 

Simple things like picking the same tile but in different shades or sizes can be really effective and really simple replicate! Have you got any fancy tile designs or patterns? I'd love to see them - post them on our Facebook page to share. 

I hope this post has given you a bit of inspiration for when your thinking about re-tiling. Please feel free to like, comment below and share this post. Visit the website view my portfolio at or follow me on twitter @SHowardsMusings Instagram @sophiehowardinteriors and Pinterest @SHowardsMusings

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