Summer Lights

The weather has been lovely this week so I've been spending a lot more time in the garden. We have a deck/patio at the end of our garden that over looks the fields - its beautiful. However, when it gets dark you literally cannot see a thing! This has got me thinking about exterior lighting and garden lighting. There is so much scope for what you can create in your garden with just a few lights here and there. 

Pathway Lights 

Pathway lights are probably the most obvious form of lighting your garden. They are very practical as they literally 'light the way'. These can sometimes be a bit boring though, but dotting little ball lights like these are a sweet way to creating a lighting pathway through your garden. 

Image Source Colin Cowie Weddings

Fairy Lights 

These were always my favourite lights as a child! I loved the fact that they we're so dainty and beautiful in almost every setting. A great idea to show off the fabulous elements of your garden is to cover them in fairy lights. This creates a focal point and highlights the beauty of mother nature even in the dark - that these trees for example, magical. 

Homemade Lights 

There is a big craze for jam jars at the moment and turning them into lights is a great way to embrace the trend without going too mad! You can hang them from your trees or even the roof of the house to create a lovely lighting feature. You can also get solar powered lights to no need for an extension cord - perfect! 

Image Source Buzzfeed

Image Source Buzzfeed

Bold Lights

Bold is sometimes best - in this case, it defiantly is! Bringing a chandler outside is the perfect way to create a dramatic setting for dinner parties and special occasions. Bringing the glamour outside makes your garden feel more majestic too. 

Image Source Remain Simple

Image Source Remain Simple

Those are just a few ideas on how to add lighting to your great outdoors. Hope they sparked your imaginations - I would love to see what solutions you come up with! Feel free to comment below, post on my Facebook page, follow me on Twitter and Instagram and visit my website

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