September Favourites

Hello, hello, hello! It's September Favourites time. The leaves are changing colour, the days are getting shorter and it is definitely getting colder here in the UK. Winter is coming! The winter knits have made an apperance as have the boots it's getting to my favourite time of year. 

Green Marble

I have been OBSESSED with green marble recently! I just absolutely love it! The colour, the texture, the depth of the stone and the luxe look it creates I can't get enough. I am still in love with white marble but the tone of green marble is just beautiful! 

Image Source: Hotel Interior Designs

House Plants 

I have said it before and I will say it plants are the best! There are so many benefits to having house plants and this month I have added to my collection. I currently have six plants in my bedroom; a Parlour Palm, a Sword Fern, a Ficus Benjamina, a Dragon Tree, a Ficus Bambino  and some Ivy which is my latest addition. If you ever want to make your spaces feel more lived in get a house plant, they work wonders. 

Image Source: Lauren Conrad

Image Source: Lauren Conrad


This colour is everywhere at the moment and it's amazing! I love it so much, keep your eyes peeled for a 'Colour of the Moment' post coming soon. Russet is the perfect Autumnal colour and always reminds me of the leaves changing colour at this time of year. It's warm and luxurious and always makes me feel homely. It's a great colour! 

Image Source: We Heart

Image Source: We Heart

Fenella Elms

I spotted this AMAZING piece at Decorex at the beginning of the month. It's a wall mounted sculpture made from porcelain and I am in awe of this stunning piece! The layers and positioning of each individual piece creates flow and movement and make a ridged material look delicate and elegant. I've had a good look at the website too and the work that Fenella Elms creates is just beautiful! Click here to have a look for yourselves. 

Image Source: Sophie Howard

Image Source: Sophie Howard

So there you have it my September favourites. Only a few things I thought were worth sharing with you all but they are good'ns. Hopefully this has given you some inspiration for the month to come. What are you loving at the moment? Let me know, I'm always keen to find out what everyones obsessing over. Until next time...

Much love, 


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