Photography Inspo: Oxford

 Image Source: Sophie Howard

Image Source: Sophie Howard

If you follow my Instagram you will know that I went to Oxford at the beginning of the summer. I've been sitting on this post for a little while. A little delayed but I'm really pleased I've managed to find furniture in the right colours! Oxford is full of beautiful architecture everywhere you look, but it was these lovely town houses that caught my eye. They reminded me of little sea side cottages with they're pastel facades and they made me smile. So here are a few pieces to help you include some of these colours into your spaces.

Sage Green

This is one of the calmer greens on the colour wheel. It's muted tones give a soothing feel and a real warm tone to a typically cool colour. I love it painted on these kitchen cupboards and it looks great on the dressing table below from Habitat. They have a few other pieces in sage green so go check out the collection here.

 Image Source:  Mad About The House

Image Source: Mad About The House

 Image Source:  Habitat

Image Source: Habitat

Blush Pink

Or Millenial Pink as everyone seems to be calling it! This shade of pink is soft on the senses and doesn't make my eyes hurts, which is always a bonus. It's lovely and delicate when painted on walls but also can create a statement when used on large pieces of furniture like the Ikea sofa below. The four seater 'Soderhamn' sofa is only £745, which is a fab price. Go take a look here

 Image Source:  Apartment Therapy

Image Source: Apartment Therapy

 Image Source:  IKEA

Image Source: IKEA

Grey Violet

Now this colour is a bit of a mix. The best way to describe it is a dusky violet, not a true violet or a true grey but a mix of both. It's a great colour for creating more of a moody space as it create an ambience really easily. Find a piece of furniture that is this colour however, has been really difficult...maybe thats why this post has taken me so long to I have found fabric instead. This will be perfect for a footstool or an occasional chair that needs some TLC and a little update. Follow the link for the whole Designers Guild collection.  

 Image Source:  Local Milk

Image Source: Local Milk

 Image Source:  Designers Guild  

Image Source: Designers Guild 

My Photography Inspo pieces, inspired by my little trip to Oxford. A fab way to add some pops of subtle colour (because pastels are subtle and beautifully soft) to bring a little depth into your spaces. Been on a trip you've been inspired by? I'd love to see a photo. Send them to me at and I'll feature them in a future Photography Inspo post. Until next time...

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