October Favourites

Happy November everyone! It's countdown to Christmas time, Halloween has passed, all the fireworks have been set off and now everyone and everything is turning Christmassy! Granted the supermarkets have had a Christmas isle since about October but everyone is now catching up. I love this time of year, the weather is cold and crisp but gloriously sunny! My knitwear is making an appearance and I've had to dig out all my scarfs and hats in preparation for the cold mornings as everything is getting rather icy! So lets get to it, here are my October favourites. 

Drinks Trolleys

It's nearly party season and drinks trollies everywhere are being stocked full of your favourite tipple. Drinks trolleys are a great piece of furniture to have in your home. They are great space fillers due to their small dimensions, they can be eye catching pieces and are always dressed with a personal touch because they have your favourite drinks on them. A lovely conversation opener too. 

Image Source: Honestly WTF

Image Source: Honestly WTF


I know it sounds crazy but Lama's are everywhere at the moment. They are being dubbed the new Flamingo! They are so popular I'm going to be doing a Lama Trend Alert very shortly, so keep your eyes pealed for that!  But for the time being, feast your eyes on this sweet lama cushion. This lama trend is a great way to bring a bit of comical fun and colour into your spaces. 

Image Source: Urban Outfitters

Image Source: Urban Outfitters

Dark Interiors

I'm not sure if it's the longer nights but I am absolutely loving dark interiors at the moment. Not dark as in 'lack of light' but dark and moody in colour and feel. I just love anything in this darker, deeper tone, it makes everything look better. This artwork has been framed in the same colour as the walls is elegant, chic and totally up my street! 

Image Source:Β Pinimg

Image Source: Pinimg

Pink and Green

I've noticed this colour combination popping up a lot and I have to say I'm warming to it. When I first saw it I wasn't sure but this particular tonal mix is beautiful. Warm deep tones help to soften the combination and it fab! Need to find a corner that I can transform with this colour combo! 

Image Source: HomeDeco

Image Source: HomeDeco

So there you have it, my October favourites! How is it November already? This year has flown by (cliched I know) and is nearly over. Time to reflect and make plans for the year to come. But the years not quite over yet, plenty more fab posts to come for the last few months of 2017 so keep those eyes pealed! Until next time...

Much love,