Make Your Spaces Feel Bigger

Square footage these days is precious and making the most of a space of it is essential in creating a home, whether that means in an apartment or a house. Here are a few tips to make the most of your spaces feel bigger. 


Colour Coding 

Clutter makes a room look smaller and messy, by colour coding or even size ordering your shelves or accessories you can make the room look ordered and create clean lines which are nicer to look at. 

Colour coding - Image Source La Dolce Vita 

Colour coding - Image Source La Dolce Vita 

Clear Furniture 

By using clear sideboards or coffee tables you create the illusion of more space because you can see the floor or the colour of the walls. Allowing the eye line to continue makes you aware of the space being used but the clear material gives you a sense of space. 

Image Source Traditional Home Online 


Strategically placed mirrors help to give the illusion of more space. The best place to put a mirror is on the opposite wall to the entrance of the space, or opposite a window to reflect the view. You could also use mirrored furniture dotted around the room to create the same effect. 

Image Source Hannas Room 

Image Source Hannas Room 

I hope these tips help make your rooms feel more spacious and your homes more homely. Please don't forget the comment, like and share. Visit my website at and follow me on twitter @SHowardsMusings 

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