Gothic Interiors

Halloween is nearly upon us and everyones getting ready to get a bit Gothic. Adding a touch of Gothic decoration into your spaces creates drama and dark elegance. With this in mind here are a few ways to introduce some Gothic elements into your spaces. 


Adding a chaise to any space creates a focal point because a chaise is a fabulous piece of furniture. A black chaise is a great way to add a Gothic element and the velvet adds a touch of luxury. 


This wardrobe is a great example of how you can add a bit of Gothic without your spaces looking like a scene from the Adams Family! The distressed look of this wardrobe creates a softer touch too. 

Image Source Enkla Ting

Image Source Enkla Ting

Occasional Furniture

Another great component of a Gothic theme is the colour Red. Maroon or Burgundy is best as they are slightly more moody. The combination of red and black can create a harsh contrast but can be combatted by adding an occasion piece of furniture such as this lovely velvet chair. 

Ornate Mirror

If you are not in the market for any new furniture, try accessories instead. This mirror is beautiful and delicate but adds a dramatic feel to this bathroom. A simple way to create a bold statement. 

Image Source My Home Ideals

Image Source My Home Ideals


All Gothic sets have big, cobweb covered chandeliers usually with candles. However, the electronic versions are just as effective in creating a romantic gothic space. 

Image Source Online Degree At Home

I love a dramatic touch in a space, it creates an eye catching element and a talking point and theres never any harm in being bold! I hope this has given you some inspiration to make your spaces slightly more Gothic. I hope everyone has a spooky Halloween weekend! Please feel free to like, comment and share this post. Like me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter and find me on Instagram

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