Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

I woke up this morning at 5.45am and it was so dark I thought I had set the wrong time. I was's just that time of year again. The jumpers and wooly socks are going to make an appearance soon and the days a getting shorter. This post will hopefully give you some inspiration to not be afraid of the dark...interiors that is! I love a dark, moody interior and let me show you some of my favourites. 

Add Metallics

If your a little bit worried about painting a wall dark, a great way to add light is to introduce metallic accessories like the gold lamp below.  The material reflects the light around and adds an focal point. 

Image Source residencestyle

Image Source residencestyle


Again, if your a little worried about dark colours contrast them with white, it immediately brightens up the place. Add dark furniture and accessories to match to create a really styled look. 

Image source Made About The House


Paint your woodwork dark! Do something a little different and paint your doors and skirting dark. It creates a dramatic element to your space especially if you have large doors (You know love big doors! See my previous post Ciao Tuscany if you are not yet familiar with my obsession). 

Image source ohsolovelyobsessions

Be Brave 

Make your whole room dark! I love this image, i think its courageous to go this dark and it looks fantastic. Be brave, be bold and go darker! The picture says it all! 

Image source The Ultra Linx 

Image source The Ultra Linx 

I hope this post has given you the inspiration to confidence to go a little darker with your colour choices. It really can create cosy spaces you just have to be bold in your choices and stick to your guns, if you have an idea - run with it! 

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