Ciao Tuscany

I am obsessed by doors...I realise how weird that sounds but after spending a week in Tuscany even my boyfriend ended up taking pictures of the doors. It is easy to see how these beautiful everyday portals are overlooked by most people, but if you go to Tuscany I insist that you stop to give them some well deserved attentions. 

They're a bit battered and worn but hold so much history and character they create a sort of presence. We experienced more of Tuscany then just the doors, three cities in a week consisted of lots of walking, over 800 steps, pizza, wine, more walking, more pizza and overall a brilliant holiday. 


We had great weather whilst in Italy with our site seeing days being slightly overcast - perfect city weather in my opinion. The city itself was exactly how I thought it would be, cobbled streets, beautiful historical architecture and lots of that rusty, terracotta colour thats associated with Tuscany in general. 

The Duomo kind of appears out of no where, which I realise is hard to believe, but it really is hidden in the grid of buildings and roads that makes up the city. All of a sudden the grad building is very present and is very awe inspiring.

Battling through the crowds of people and the forest of selfie sticks, we walked around this ancient, architectural master piece. We wanted to climb the Duomo but the que practically wrapped around the building itself so we decided to climb Giotto's Bell Tower instead.

We joined a 20 minute que and after 414 steps navigating a very narrow staircase (with people going up and down!) we reached the top and were greeted with this incredible view. 

You could see the entire city, all the way out to the surrounding hills. It was truly breathtaking. Florence also gave us the best pizza we have ever eaten and more gelatto then you could ever consume. 


Next up was Siena. Siena had a more traditional feel to it. It seemed more 'kept' if that makes sense. We did a similar thing to the Duomo and climbed the Mangia tower. The stair case of the Mangia was a lot narrower then that of the Duomo but after 400 steps (again passing people going down also) we made it to the top which revealed another beautiful view of the city. 

My door obsession continued in Siena...

And we roamed the streets...


I was told prior to flying to Tuscany that there wasn't an awful lot in Pisa, apart from the leaning tower. So we decided to stop off on the way to the airport (we few in and out of Pisa). We had a lovely lunch, saw the tower and the hopped on a plain back to the UK. 

So there it week, three cities, three towers, more pizza then I care to admit and a few pictures of doors! It was a lovely week away and I would highly recommend it. Not my usual Interiors post but I enjoyed writing it non the less. Please feel free to comment, like and share. Follow me on twitter @SHowardsMusings, Instagram @sophiehowardinteriors and Facebook 

Much love,


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