Bright Lights

For those of you who don't know, the clocks are going back on Saturday. Which means that the sun is going away and the nights are getting longer! Lighting is so important during the winter months not only for practicality but also for your mental health. SAD (seasonal affective disorder) effects 20% of the UK population and is due to a lack of sunlight exposure. This can result in depression, loss of energy, motivation and concentration. If you have any of these symptoms during Winter it might be an idea to invest in some daylight light bulbs or even an SAD light therapy box to help combat the symptoms. 

Here are my top pick of lamps and shades to brighten up the darker months. 

The Arty Piece 

Copper piping is an interior trend at the moment and this lamp is the prefect edgy piece you need to for fill that trend. Available from John Lewis, this twisted sculpture is a great eye catcher.

The Statement Floor Lamp 

If you need an eye catching piece for your room then a statement floor lamp will do the trick. This industrial lamp is great for adding some interest. This lamp is available from BHS at 

The Rustic 

For the more rustic, raw interiors, this driftwood lamp brings a calming, natural tone to the space. The neutral shade works to add to the overall feeling of the lamp. Its a great piece to add texture too. Available from Not On The High Street

The Glam Lamp

The detail in this lamp will do wonders to bring a bit of glamor to your room. Match the lamp shade to the colours of the space and you have a great accessory. Available from Marks & Spencer

All of these table lamps look great as statement pieces or a pairs to create symmetry within your spaces. I hope this post has given you some inspiration to brighten up your rooms in the winter months. Please don't forget to like, share and comment, to visit my website and to follow me on twitter @SHowardsMusings 

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