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The downstairs bathroom in my parents house is long over due a makeover. Since installing our second bathroom upstairs it has been greatly neglected and now is only used to hang washing and shower the dogs. Shamefully as an Interior Designer, the walls adorn tropical fish tiles (which look like their from the 80's) and your feet are graced with half vinyl/half terracotta tiled flooring (I don't even know how to explain that one!). Safe to say a bit of TLC is needed. So we've looked at how we, as a family, use the space (which is the most important element of Interior Design) and have decided to turn it into a utility room instead, housing the washing machine etc. 

Bathrooms tend to be quite small spaces and the location of plumbing and pipes leaves little room for a drastic change in floor plan. With that in mind, here are a few tricks to update your bathrooms, make them look bigger and not break the bank. 


Go Big or Go Home 

When thinking about a bathroom mirror, the bigger the better! By hanging a large mirror in any room creates the illusion of more space as it reflects the room and tricks the eye into thinking there's more items within it. 

Image Source The Interior Collective 

Match Tone

When thinking of a colour palette, stick to neutral colours of the same tone on the walls and the ceiling as this helps the eye flow continuously throughout the room. Without any colour breaks the eye travels for longer and the space therefore feels bigger. 

Image Source Interior Design World

Remove the Door (Again)

Just like the wardrobes in my last post 'Feeling The Pinch?' I am suggesting taking the door off of the shower. A glass divider (or a glass door) allows you to see the shower space rather then the door blocking off that section of the room and making it look smaller. It sounds simple, I know, but it really does work. 

Image Source Best Inspired

Image Source Best Inspired

Shampoo Shelf 

This can be a bit more costly (but if you are re-doing your bathroom I would recommend it). Build your shampoo shelf recessed into the wall, this gives you 'shelf space' but doesn't take up any space within the room. 

Image Source Carla Aston 

Natural Light

I cannot express enough how important natural light is to any space! This, however, has somehow turned into a luxury for everyday life rather then a basic occurrence. Natural light brightens and illuminates each space banishing shadows allowing you to see everything and thus making it look like you have more space. If you can take a hammer to your wall, do, but make sure to ask the bill payers permission first. 

Image Source Decor Dots 

I realise some of these tips are more dramatic then others, so please take theses as suggestions! I would love to see what you've done with you bathrooms. Please feel free to comment below, like, share and follow me on twitter @SHowardsMusings. You can also view my work at 

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