Baby Steps

So I've been given the opportunity, through my work experience, to work on a live project and to design a room entirely by my self. I have a blank canvas and I can't wait to get stuck in! The space is a very large dining room with a bay window, a beautiful fire place and lovely high ceilings. I viewed the house today, which is a gorgeous new build with a Georgian edge, and the ideas were flying around my head I didn't know where to start... I cannot wait! I'm very excited to be taking the next baby step into my career. 

Speaking of baby steps, this post is going to look at how to reuse children's plastic toys to give them a new lease of life. I am all for the reuse, recycle, reclaim and up cycle of un loved bits and bobs and these are great crafty ways to do just that. 

Treat Jars

Glue the figures to the top of a few jars and then paint them the same colour to help blend the glue seam. Then fill the jars with treats for your kiddies such as sweets or cookies. You could even put sliced veg in them and keep them in the fridge...the toy on top will make whats inside more exciting! 

Kids Coat Hangers

A very playful twist on an overlooked detail - this idea takes a bit more 'do' but the result is very effective. Cut the toys in half and stick them to a board or piece of wood to create clothes hangers! Gives them more reason to hang up their coats.

Image Source Queen Kwak Cute clothes pegs

Image Source Queen Kwak Cute clothes pegs

Fun Flower Pots

This has to be my favourite idea and I would have loved this as a child! Cut a hole in the top of the figures and fill with soil, seed and then water! The bigger the toy the more you can grow...a great way of getting your kids involved in 'grow your own'. 

Image Source Vicki O'Dell

Image Source Vicki O'Dell

Quick post, but I'm itching to start getting some of my ideas onto paper! Hope you got some inspiration to up cycle your unloved toys. Don't forget to like, comment, share, visit my website and follow me on twitter @SHowardsMusings 

Much Love