Add Green for 2016

Its my first post of 2016 (Happy New Year by the way!) For the past few weeks I have been really busy with uni coursework and have not been able to switch off that easily. My final major project is going to be creating residential space integrated with green spaces so I thought this post could be about how to make your spaces greener and how to bring nature inside. In an ideal world my house would look like this...

Image Source Harpers Bazaar

Image Source Harpers Bazaar

Now I know this is a restaurant but if I could, my home would be covered in plants! I love them, they purify the air and they are great for your health. I do however, realise that it is not feasible for everyone to cover their walls in plants, as fab as that would be. So here are a few ideas for how you can make your spaces a little more healthy and green for 2016! 

Large Plants

One of my favourite things to add is a large house plant. They're just so beautiful and add a sense of drama. The bigger the better in my eyes! You can choose a lovely plant pot for your plant to live in too, either to match or clash its up to you. 

Image Source MyDomaine

Image Source MyDomaine

Indoor Herb Garden

For those of you who love to cook, a herb garden is always handy to have. So why not bring it inside? There are many ways to go about this, jars for your window sill, one large plant pot, singular pots for your dining table to create an additional feature, or vertical wall boxes like this one! I love this idea of popping them on the wall, it creates art in your kitchen and you can plant anything you want, from herbs to flowers, the choice is yours. 

Image Source HomeditΒ 

Image Source Homedit 

Individual Pots

Small individual plants are great because you can move them around really easily. So if you want a quick way to update your room, move your plants into a different room or introduce some new species or sizes to make the eye focus on something different. Play around with species and height, place a mix of species in the same area to add more movement and texture. 

Image Source Lauren Conrad

Image Source Lauren Conrad

Hope this has given you some inspiration for bringing plants into your home! I can't stress how great they are for you so why not give it a go? I'd love to see your plants in their places, to see how you've arranged them so please feel free to post your photos on the Facebook page and give it a like while your there. Follow me on twitter and find me on Instagram to keep up to date with the goings on at Sophie Howard Interiors. Until next time...

Much love,