Blogmas Day 11: Tips for Travelling During the Holidays

We're doing a lot of travelling this year to visit loved ones, we're am going to Yorkshire to see Ash's side of the family and then we are driving all the way down to Chichester to see my side. Lots of miles stuck in a car, and I know I'm not alone! I know a lot of people do lots of traveling for the holidays so I thought I'd put together my tips for surviving those miles...

Be comfortable

There is nothing worse then spending time traveling by car, plane, train or coach and feeling uncomfortable! I always opt for flat shoes, leggings or jeans with a little more room around the waist because you'll be sitting for long periods of time. And I always wear layers, so I can feel comfortable if I get too warm and snuggly if I get cold. Depending on the length of the journey I may also take a pair of fluffy socks. I hate having cold feet and nothing makes me feel more comfortable than fluffy socks! 

Image Source: Urban Outfitters

Image Source: Urban Outfitters


I always get really dry skin when I travel and I always make sure I have some moisturiser in my bag, hand, face and body. Both air con and heating seems to dry my skin out and I hate that tight, dry feeling so I always try and be prepared. This is my favourite hand moisturiser from The Body Shop, it smells divine and is the perfect size. 

Image Source: The Body Shop

Image Source: The Body Shop

Stay Hydrated

This is so important everyday anyway, let alone when you're travelling for long periods of time. I have traveled all day before and not even had a sip of water, so make sure you always have a bottle ready with you for your journey. I love this reusable stainless steel water bottle from Jerry Bottle. I love the the fact that 100% of their profits go to sustainable water projects around the world. So get yours here now to keep yourself hydrated and help communities get access to clean fresh water. 

Image Source: Jerry Bottle

Image Source: Jerry Bottle

Be Prepared

Last but not least, be prepared! There's no point listening to my tips above but not having anything handy when you're travelling. So make sure everything you need is at easy reach and you'll have an easier journey. 

I hope everyone travelling to visit loved ones this year has a safe journey and a lovely trip! Until tomorrow for the last day of Blogmas! 

Much love, 


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