Hello and welcome! 

My name is Sophie Howard and I am an Interior Designer living in Hampshire, England. I am very passionate about Spiritual Design but have an interest in all sectors of the industry and a love for all things creative from painting to sewing to baking. 

I believe in creating spaces that evoke emotion from its users and engage all of the senses. Effective design inspires awe and creativity in the users. 

My Story

Born in Toronto Canada I was brought up in Hampshire, England. I went to school and worked in the small city of Chichester whilst completing my A-Levels. During the summer of 2010 I organised and ran my own art workshops. Mini Monet Summer Schools were aimed at children aged 4-12 with an interest in art and gave them an opportunity to express themselves creatively. The Mini Monet Summer Schools ran for a week at a time in three different locations. The children made everything from paper mache piggy banks and clay models of their pets to dream catchers and portraits of their friends and family. At the end of the week we held an exhibition of all of their work produced so their friends and family could admire their 'Mini Monets'. I am proud to say that each location was a huge success and I learnt so much and enjoyed every moment. 

Mini Monet Summer School

I graduated from De Montfort University, Leicester with a 2.1 in Interior Design (BAHons) in 2014 and am currently studying a Masters Degree in Interior Design. During my years at University I have been given the opportunity to explore different areas of the industry from exhibition to retail, from living to spiritual. I was able to discover and explore my interest in Spiritual design and gain more knowledge of this field. I have since progressed my passion for Spiritual Design and been able to broaden my understanding of Spirituality itself. Spirituality is a uniquely personal experience and I aim to create spaces that individuals can express and explore their spirituality in a safe and inspirational space. 

Spiritual Space Concept Model 

Spiritual Space Concept Model